New Teachers Workshop
Since 1989, the MDTA has sponsored this annual three-day workshop. Over 120 new teachers have participated. Experienced teachers and coaches show how to teach students the fundamentals of debate. More info…

The Minnesota Debate Experience Video
The Minnesota Debate Experience is a 21-minute informational video that explains to debate programs and community organizations the values and benefits of involvement in curricular and co-curricular debate.

Minnesota Debate Project
In 1995, the MDTA revised its popular First Steps in Teaching Policy Debate and First Steps in Teaching Lincoln-Douglas Debate to embody the results-oritented Minnesota Profile of Learning graduation standards.

The Department of Children, Families, and Learning has recognized the exemplary quality of the debate assessment package, which may be accessed through the CFL web site.

MDTA Foundation
Three Funds were established by the MDTA between 1989 and 1990: the MDTA Scholarship Fund; the MDTA Endowment Fund; and the MDTA Program Fund. These Funds are affiliated with Minnesota Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt charitable fund.

The MDTA Scholarship Fund was established to memorialize several excellent debate teachers. Scholarships are annually awarded to outstanding graduating debaters and to college students who are completing their majors and intend to teach debate and forensics.

The MDTA Endowment Fund is designated to encourage and sustain the teaching of debate and forensics in Minnesota.

The Endowment Fund is a substantial and permanent fund; the earnings of which are dedicated to support the New Teachers Workshop, curriculum development, staff development, distribution of debate-related classroom materials, and provision for other support services for debate programs.

The MDTA Program Fund, added in 1990, was established to meet current program needs. The highly liquid nature of the fund’s holdings allows ready access to financial resources to provide support for current outreach efforts.


MDTA Constitution & Bylaws

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