NOTE: At this moment in time, the assumption should be that tournaments will be IN PERSON unless otherwise noted. This page will be continuously updated as new information comes in. Please check this page regularly, as tournament formats are subject to change.

Last updated 13 September 2022

9/24/2022MDTA Jamboree Congress, LD, PF, CX
10/01/2022Classic Topic 1 Tournament 1Classic
10/01/2022Rosemount Congress, LD, PF, CX
10/07-10/08/2022U of MCX
*Friday night online; Saturday in person
10/08/2022Classic Topic 1 Tournament 2Classic
10/08/2022LakevilleCongress, LD, PF
10/15/2022Classic Topic 1 Tournament 3Classic
10/15/2022Eden Prairie Congress, LD, PF
10/15/2022Southside Invitational at St. Francis (Confirming Location as of 7/15/22)CX
10/20- 10/22/22MEA Break——-
10/28-10/29/2022Rosebowl @ Roseville CX
*Friday night online; Saturday in person
10/29/2022East Ridge Congress, LD, PF
11/04-11/05/2022Apple Valley Congress, LD, PF,
11/04-11/05/2022Farmington Congress, LD, PF, CX*
ONLY CX will be Friday and Saturday. All other events are Saturday only
11/05/2022Classic Topic 2 Tournament 4Classic
11/11-11/12/2022Tamar Kaplan @ Highland Park (Confirmed In-Person)CX
*Friday night online; Saturday in person
11/12/2022Classic Topic 2 Tournament 5Classic
11/12/2022Edina Congress, LD, PF
11/18-11/19/2022Southern and Central NSDA Congress Qualifier Congress
11/19/2022Robbinsdale Congress, LD, PF
11/19/2022Classic Topic 2 Tournament 6Classic
12/02-12/03/2022JV/Novice State (Eagan)Congress, LD, PF, CX
12/02-12/03/2022Classic StateClassic
12/02-12/03/2022MSHSL Section Tournament @ Eagan Congress
12/09-12/10/2022Central NSDA Qualifier
UDL Champs
12/10/2022UDL ChampsCX
12/17-12/19/2022 Blake Congress, LD, PF, CX
01/06-01/07/2023 MSHSL Section Tournament @ Eagan LD, PF, CX
01/13-01/14/2023MSHSL State Tournament (U of M) Congress, LD, PF, CX
01/20-01/21/2023Southern NSDA Qualifier LD, PF, CX