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Winner Runner-Up



Lincoln-Douglas Robbinsdale Armstrong High School Apple Valley High School
Policy Eagan High School Wayzata High School
Public Forum Edina High School Eagan High School
Classic Debate Eastview High School Stillwater High School
Congressional Eagan High School Maple Grove HS
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Lincoln-Douglas Robbinsdale Cooper High School Edina High School
Policy Eagan High School Wayzata High School
Public Forum St. Paul Academy Eastview High School
Classic Debate Eastview High School South St. Paul
Congressional Maple Grove High School East Ridge High School
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Lincoln-Douglas Apple Valley High School Robbinsdale Cooper High School
Policy Eagan High School Wayzata High School
Public Forum Eastview High School St. Paul Academy
Classic Debate Eastview High School Minnehaha Academy
Congressional East Ridge High School Chanhassen High School
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Individual Award School Award


Lincoln-Douglas Harley Pierce-Ramsdell (Blaine)  Apple Valley
Policy Matthew Erickson & Brandon Wilary (Eagan)  Wayzata
Public Forum Shaan Bijwadia (SPA)  SPA
Classic Debate Adam Johnson & Alex Screaton (Stillwater)  Stillwater


Lincoln-Douglas Dylan Adelman (Lakeville)  Eagan
Policy Dan Bannister (Highland Park)  Wayzata
Public Forum Thomas Toghramadjian (SPA)  SPA
Classic Debate Jack Kurila & Erik Lecy (Eastview)  Eastview


Lincoln-Douglas Elliot Polsky (STA) St. Thomas Academy
Policy Alexa Groenke (Jefferson) Minneapolis South
Public Forum Jed Rothstein (STMA) Blaine High School
Classic Debate Perry Abdulkadir & Jack Kurila (Eastview) Eastview


Lincoln-Douglas Courtney Bye (Blaine) St. Thomas Academy
Policy Dai’Quan Robinson & Stryker Thompson (Como Park)
2-Way Tie 
Minneapolis South
Public Forum Danny Foussard (SPA) & Sophie/Max (Eagan)
3-Way Tie
St. Paul Academy
Classic Debate Abby Ginader (EV) & Avi Gori (Southwest)
Mary Boles & Ada Breitenbucher (South St. Paul)
4-Way Tie 
Eastview HS


Lincoln-Douglas Luke Stuttgen (Apple Valley) Apple Valley HS
Policy Leah Norman & Kyra Stephenson (Eagan) Wayzata HS
Public Forum Michael Quinn & Spencer Sanders (Apple Valley) Eastview HS
Overall Award Eagan HS


Lincoln-Douglas Robyn Sellman (Coon Rapids) Coon Rapids HS
Policy Miranda Ehrlich & Meghan Sohoni (Wayzata) Wayzata HS
Public Forum Rachel Markon & Iaan Reynolds (Eagan) Eastview HS
Overall Award Eagan HS

The MDTA executive board along with the help of Ryan Ricard (point consultant/super spreadsheet designer) have put together the following MDTA Cup Point System.  (The points system need one final verification based on last years results but will be verified before the first tournament and any updates will be posted here.)

  • Individual Points
    • 1 Point for Competing at Invitational Tournament (Sections, State and NFL do not count) in Varsity or Open Debate
    • 1 Point for finishing 1 through 8th place, or qualifying to elim rounds, whichever includes more students
    • 1 Point for placing first at a tournament without elims
    • 1 Point for each elimination round won
    • Max of 5 points per tournament
    • Must participate in four in-state invitational tournaments to qualify for award
    • 1 Point for qualifying to state tournament
    • MSHSL State Tournament or MSHSL State Festival results do not count towards award
    • Tournament must have at least 4 schools.
    • Tournament must have 12 entries for the top 8 to be awarded.  If tournament does not meet this criteria, only 1/2 of the pool will be given bonus points and no first place bonus point will be awarded.
    • Students may not receive points at more than one tournament per week.
  • Team Points
    • Top 2 students on a given weekend in each type of debate count towards team points
    • Points each week count towards year-end results
    • All points for both individual and team are for the varsity division
    • A school that wins the overall award cannot win any of the remaining team awards
  • Tie Breakers
    • Total Points
    • Qualification to State Tournament in a 2 or more person tie
    • Current Grade in High School with preference going to seniors
    • In case of 2-way tie / head-to-head results
    • Number of in-state tournaments

The MDTA is excited to offer some great traveling trophies for the team awards along with individual awards for the top student/teams.  Results will be posted each week to the MDTA web site so individuals, teams and schools can see exactly where they are in the season-long Chase for the MDTA Cup.

More details for the MDTA Cup Results can be found on Ryan’s blog.

Tournament Managers
Tournament Results for each tournament need to be collected for MDTA Cup Results.  For us to determine cup points, we simply need a list of all participants and top 10 entries (or elim round results) for your tournament.  If you are using TRPC – the following instructions will produce your list.

From the Results Menu | Choose Main Results Printout | Print Team/Contestants in Order.  On the right-side of the resulting screen, is a green button to “Export results to comma-delimited list for Excel”.  Pressing that will ask you to save the file to disk.  We only need this for your Varsity division of each event.  If you have elimination rounds at your tournament, please make sure to include those results as well.

All result information can be sent to

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