About MDTA

The Minnesota Debate Teachers Association is a professional association dedicated to serving Minnesota’s youth by teaching the skills and values of debate, by continually improving the quality of academic competition in debate, and by promoting debate as a valuable curricular and co-curricular activity for bright students of all walks of life.
The MDTA has an interest in promoting discourse on public issues in the community, as well as in the classroom.
Interscholastic debate has been alive in Minnesota for over a century. In fact, The Minnesota State High School Debate League held its first state championship competition in 1902.
Perhaps Dr. Ruth E. Randall, former Minnesota Commissioner of Education, best expressed the values of debate and other forensics:

“These activities provide students the opportunity to develop important skills in reasoning, speaking and listening, critical thinking, researching, problem solving and writing. Forensics and debate programs can be of great benefit to the students involved.”

The MDTA believes that debate is an ideal vehicle through whcih students may demonstrate mastery of Minnesota’s Profile of Learning graduation standards in, inter alia, research process, writing and speaking, and issue analysis.