Code of Ethics

The Minnesota Debate Teachers Association, encouraging ethical conduct, respect, and civility among Coaches, teachers, debaters and judges, establishes the following Code of Ethics…
The Minnesota Debate Teachers Association Member:

  • Places as the highest priority the enhancement of students’ self-worth and learning within the context of competitive debate;
  • Fulfills responsibilities with honesty and integrity;
  • Fosters a debate community which welcomes and commends the positive contributions of all;
  • Follows guidelines of ethical tournament management with regard to staffing and tabulation procedures;
  • Encourages proper use of library and research materials;
  • Abides by the rules of evidence as specified in MDTA policies;
  • Abides by guidelines established regarding the exchange of specific information among debaters and/or coaches;
  • Exhibits the highest standards of impartiality and professionalism regarding the decision-making process;
  • Uses appropriate channels for voicing allegations of impropriety and never knowingly challenges another individual or school for the sole purpose of creating false impressions of unethical behavior;
  • Assists all members of his/her program in developing an awareness and understanding of these ethical guidelines and seeks to promote these guidelines in his/her program.