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Membership Essentials

Novice Case Limits: Each fall, the MDTA Novice Case Limits Committee meets to limit the current policy debate resolution into several case areas and produce an annual evidence handbook used for the season.

Minnesota Policy Debate Packet – Students debating in MN are expected to use evidence from this packet to construct arguments and cases.  It will updated throughout the year.

The MDTA Tournament Calendar: The interscholastic events calendar coordinates scheduling and publishes information regarding all round robin and invitational competition. Although the debate season extends from October to the State Tournament and NFL District tournaments, each debate program director may arrange a debate season schedule appropriate for their program.
Participation in the MSHSL Section Debate Tournaments is highly encouraged

Classic Debate: Classic Debate is a native-born format designed to make competitive interscholstic debate attractive to a large number of students and their teachers and coaches, as well. Teams of two students clash over current issues.
The Classic debate season in Minnesota runs from October through December. During the season, students debate two different topics. The first topic is selected by debate teachers in August. The second topic is chosen by participating students.

Mentoring: New teachers to debate may benefit from working with a mentor. Interested teachers may contact Bob Ihrig of Mankato West High School to help set up a mentorship connection. The MDTA is proud to announce its newest member service: The site will provide the debate community with the essential news, information and resources that are of interest to debate teachers and coaches.

Readers are invited to send submissions to the web site through