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MDTA Awards

All-State and MDTA Cup Awards

The MDTA All-State Award recognizes the top 8 students in each form of debate (Classic, Congress, Lincoln-Douglas, Policy and Public-Forum) for their achievements throughout the year. Additionally, the MDTA Challenge Cup goes to the top school annually.

Coach of the Year

The MDTA Coach of the Year Award was established in 1982 to recognize coaches who have succeeded in cultivating a well-balanced debate program which serves a variety of students at all levels of competition. This award is honored annually.

James Graupner Distinguished Service Award

The MDTA Distinguished Service Award was established in 1982, and renamed the MDTA James Graupner Distinguished Service Award by the organization in 1994. This award is given to debate coaches or other distinguished individuals who have made outstanding contributions to education in general and to debate students in particular. This award is not required to be presented each year, but granted judiciously so as to maintain its special significance.

Tamar Kaplan Award

The Minnesota Debate Teachers Association created the Tamar Kaplan Student of the Year Award to celebrate the life and personal qualities of Tamar Kaplan.  Awarded annually to a student of the Minnesota Debate community for their outstanding achievements.