2015-16 MDTA Cup / All-State Debate

The Minnesota Debate Teachers Association (MDTA) is pleased to announce the 2015-16 MDTA Challenge Cup and All-State Debate winners.  The MDTA Challenge Cup is an annual award that recognizes exceptional performance by a team in all five debate categories. Our MDTA Challenge Cup Winners are: Congressional Debate – East Ridge High School Classic Debate – […]

MDTA Cup – Classic Debate Update

After 5 tournaments, the Classic Debate MDTA Cup points are currently as follows: Top Individuals: Student School Points Jack Kurila Eastview 9 Erik Lecy Eastview 9 Charlotte Roiger Eastview 9 Muskaan Goyal Eastview 8 Maria Kalambokidis Stillwater 8 Sarah Karels BSM 8 Parker Breza BSM 8 Elijah Kranz Eastview 8 Michelle Ji Eastview 8 Sofia […]

Why aren't I winning the MDTA Cup?

Through the magic of spreadsheets and macros the MDTA cup points are tracked each week based on results submitted by tournament hosts and/or tabroom staff. With the increased use of the  Joy of Tournaments program for registration this year we’ve hoped to cut back significantly on some common errors, but it is still very possible […]