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Judge Registration for MSHSL State Tournament

Make sure to register as an official with the MSHSL for judging for the Section or State Tournament.  This process must be completed by October 15th so that the ballot can be sent out.  The following process can be used:
MSHSL State Debate Judging – The MSHSL has setup and opened the registration for section and state debate judges. In order to be on the ballot for state debate judging you will need to meet the following conditions.

  1. You must be at least in your 4th year out of high school. This means that you must have graduated high school in 2015 or earlier in order to be registered as a debate judge on the MSHSL website.
  2. You must go to  the MSHSL website and register as a Debate Judge. Follow this link and complete the process:
  3. This will require you to pay $15 to be registered for 2 years or $8 for one year. There is no test or clinic requirement for debate.
  4. You must than click-on your judge bio and complete that and than you will see on that page a link to be considered for state debate judging. Link is called “State Debate Judge Application” Please click on that link and complete that process.
  5. This must be completed no later than October 15th in order to appear on the state judge ballot for debate.
  6. Section and State Debate Judges are required to be registered. So if you want to judge at sections you must complete this process as well.

Once we have all of the judges registered the MSHSL will send out a link to an online ballot that the head coach of each program can login to and complete balloting for state judges. Instructions along with the deadline for judge balloting will be sent out after October 15th by the MSHSL to the head coach of record at each active debate program. If you don’t know who is listed as the official coach of record at your school with the MSHSL please talk with your Activities Director so that the correct person is listed and receives the email for state judge balloting.

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