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Registration for all tournaments for the 2016-17 season can be found at  Each tournament has specific contact information for more tournament details including registration costs, times and more.
Register For Tournament
The following will step you through registering for tournaments on  If you have any specific questions please do not hesitate in reaching out.

  1. Go to in your browser.
  2. Click LogIn to register with your existing username and password.  If you need to create an account, click on Sign Up.
  3. When you login, you will see the below screen.  The left column is for tournaments you have registered for and the right column is for events you manage or host.  Across the top of the left column are tabs including “Competitors” and “Judges”.  Click on the Competitors tab.

NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended to first add all of your students (Competitors) and judges before you actually register for a tournament.  Otherwise you will have to click back and forth between your school and the registration screen.

  1. The Competitors tab will show you all students who are assigned to your school.  If you participate in the National Speech and Debate Association, you can click on Import NSDA Student Roster in the right column and automatically import all of the existing NSDA registered members.  If you are not an NSDA member or need to add a new student, click on Add New Student from the right column.
    3NOTE: If you have a large number of students to add to your competitor list and they are NOT in the NSDA site, use the Import from Spreadsheet option.  There is a sample file, all you need to enter is first and last name and graduation year.  Make sure to choose SAVE AS and select CSV from Excel and you can import in the list.
  2. The Judges tab will show you all of the judges associated to your school.  Click on the Add a New Judge to add someone to your school list.
  3. The Circuits tab will show you the groups you belong to.  If you did not add yourself to the MN/US circuit during setup you will want to. This will make it easier to find tournaments.

To register for a tournament, do the following items.

  1. From the Tournaments tab, click on the tournament you want to register for.  HINT: If you don’t see the tournament, competitors, judges … tabs, you can always click on your name at the top-right and it will bring you back to this page.
  2. On this page, you will see two sections.  The top are tournaments you have already registered for (in the red box) and those that are OPEN for registration (blue box).  Tournaments not open for registration will not appear here!  To update your existing registration, simply click on Entry.  To register new for a tournament, click on Register.
  3. Across the top of each tournament are five tabs, General, Entry (by event), Entry (by person), Judges and Website.
  4. The General tab has basic information about adult contact and more.
  5. The Entry (by event) tab allows you to register students by event.  You click the event you want to register a student from and then from the drop-down list, choose the student name.  First, select the event you want to register for in the right column.
    And then select the student by name you wish to enter into that event.  Click Add Entry when done.
  6. NOTE: THIS APPEARS TO NOT WORK CORRECTLY RIGHT NOW.  IT IS RECOMMENDED TO USE THE ENTRY (BY EVENT) FOR NOW.The Entry (by person) tab allows you to pick a student and then select which event they are going to compete in.
    And then select the event you want them to be registered in.
    Once you have selected the event, make sure to click the Save Changes button.
  7. The Judges tab allows you to assign judges to events for the tournament.
  8. The Website tab brings you to the general tournament information, schedule, etc.

Once you have completed your registration, you can use the right-column menu to print a tournament invoice, entry list by event or by person.  All reports are created as a PDF document.
Video Tutorials
There are some videos already posted with registering for tournaments.
Create Team on Tabroom:
Register for Tournament:
Tournament Hosts should consult this document on setting up a tournament.  tabroom_instructions_v2  (Updated 9/25/2016)

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