Announcing All-State Debate Awards

The Minnesota Debate Teachers Association (MDTA) is excited to announce a major change to the MDTA Cup Points.  Over the past six years the MDTA has awarded the top program with the annual MDTA Cup and traveling trophy.
Starting this year, the MDTA will be expanding this award system to recognize the top eight students in each of the five forms of debate (Classic, Congressional, Lincoln-Douglas, Policy and Public Forum) as “All-State Debate”.  Students will receive a medal to recognize them for this accomplishment.  Additionally, school administrators will receive notification of the student’s accomplishments.
Students will receive points based on their accomplishments at local tournaments based on the existing MDTA Cup Points system.  Details about how points are awarded can be found here:
Students will be awarded at their respective state tournaments for their accomplishments.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate in asking.

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