MDTA Novice Debate

The MDTA has created resources for policy and LD coaches for their novice debaters.  Below is a quick description of each:
MDTA Novice LD Topic
The MDTA has adopted a policy of using the following resolution for all Novice LD for tournaments using the Sept/Oct topic.
Resolved: Civil disobedience in a democracy is morally justified.
The MDTA has created a handbook that includes sample cases and evidence that could be used on the topic.  Students are NOT limited to the evidence/cases that are in this handbook but rather are to be used as a community resource.  Coaches who wish to offer additional cases and evidence to this handbook to further help new programs and novice debaters should send that information to
MDTA Novice Policy Limits
The MDTA has adopted a close policy evidence packet.  This packet includes all of the evidence that students may use in Novice Policy Debate.  This includes the permitted affirmatives (Cuba embargo, Cuba travel ban, Mexico guest workers, Mexico ports of entry, Venezuela oil) as well as all of the negative evidence and positions.  All evidence used in novice rounds must come from the packet.
The packet may be downloaded here and updates will happen throughout the season.

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