MDTA Cup – Focus on Lincoln-Douglas

Only one more tournament left for the books and it appears we have everything cleared up.  In the individual race, Elliot Polsky of STA has a three point lead over Sam Anderson of Lakeville North.  In the school race, STA has a three point lead over Lakeville North.

Elliot Polsky STA 21
Sam Anderson Lakeville_North 18
Josh You Lakeville_North 15
Andrew Urevig Robbinsdale_Armstrong 15
Collin Brown Robbinsdale_Cooper 13
Ryan Mather Eastview 13
Kelton Anderson STA 13


STA 37
Lakeville_North 34
Eastview 26
Robbinsdale_Cooper 24
Apple_Valley 24

You can download the full results here: 2012LDMDTACup
Results are NOT official until MSHSL State Tournament.

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