MDTA Cup Update – Week 3 Update

We have updated LD and PF results for everyone.  We are waiting on all results from the U of M and Minneapolis Southwest Tournaments.  Here are your top two plus ties for individuals three weeks into the season.

Name School Points Debate
Erik Lecy Eastview 3 Classic
Charlotte Roiger Eastview 3 Classic
Trace Thompson Minneapolis_South 5 Policy
Ben Cretsinger Highland_Park 4 Policy
Andrew Urevig Robbinsdale_Armstrong 6 LD
Sam Anderson Lakeville_North 6 LD
Hagop Toghramadjian SPA 7 PF
Ryan McGuire Eastview 6 PF
Christian Vasquez Blaine 6 PF
Rachel Rystedt Blaine 6 PF
Ryan Mcguire Eastview 6 PF
Dan Hoff Blaine 6 PF

Full Results –

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