Chanhassen / MDTA Jamboree 2012

                                                          2012 CHANHASSEN / MDTA JAMBOREE RESULTS

CONGRATULATIONS to the entire Minnesota debate community for participating in its first in-state debate tournament for the 2012-2013 debate season!  The Chanhassen tournament was a major success due to the work of several area coaches that chipped in to lecture JV debaters on the transition to varsity debate, teach new judges how to judge rounds, work with novices to learn debate, tabbed the tournament results, and judged and coached throughout the day!
A special congratulations to the top five entries and speakers in each event!
1st Place: Sam Anderson, Lakeville North
2nd Place: Collin Brown, Robbinsdale
3rd Place: Sam Hoefs, Coon Rapids
4th Place: Josh You, Lakeville North
5th Place: Celesia Stanton, Robbinsdale
1st Place Speaker: Dylan Adelman, Lakeville South
2nd Place Speaker: Shilvi Joshi, Blaine
3rd Place Speaker: Collin Brown, Robbinsdale
4th Place Speaker: Andrew Urevig, Robbinsdale
5th Place Speaker: Sam Hoefs, Coon Rapids
1st Place: Nik Venkatasubramanian, Eastview
2nd Place: Anant Naik, Eastview
3rd Place: Sawyer Rutan, Lakeville South
4th Place: David Bock, Lakeville North
5th Place: Blake Black, Lakeville South
1st Place Speaker: Nik Venkatasubramanian, Eastview
2nd Place Speaker: Anant Naik, Eastview
3rd Place Speaker: Claire Dodds, Lakeville South
4th Place Speaker: Raj Mahida, Eastview
5th Place Speaker: Sawyer Rutan, Lakeville South
1st Place: Ryan McGuire and Ashesh Rambachan (Eastview)
2nd Place: Alex Wahl and Alice Thompson (Chanhassen)
3rd Place: Hagop Toghramadjian and Sam Wood (SPA)
4th Place: Patrick Jurney and Betsy Petran (Eastview)
5th Place: Margo Sanders and Miranda Lawell (Apple Valley)
1st Place Speaker: Ashesh Rambachan, Eastview
2nd Place Speaker: Alice Thompson, Chanhassen
3rd Place Speaker: Margo Sanders, Apple Valley
4th Place Speaker: Alex Wahl, Chanhassen
5th Place Speaker: Sam Wood, SPA
1st Place: Aditya Parikh and Aldrin Clement (Maple Grove)
2nd Place: Anum Ahmed and Lindsay Wanberg (Eastview)
3rd Place: Matt Cook and Zach Franck (Blaine)
4th Place: Sohan Phadke and Lucas Kurmis (Maple Grove)
5th Place: Sonya Das and Cynthia Zheng (SPA)
1st Place Speaker: Aditya Parikh, Maple Grove
2nd Place Speaker: Sydney Erhart, Cannon Falls
3rd Place Speaker: Aldrin Clement, Maple Grove
4th Place Speaker: Seth Thompson, Robbinsdale
5th Place Speaker: Ian Haave, Eastview
1st Place: Ella Johnson and Anna Parshall (Washburn)
2nd Place: Klayton Elliott–Maverick (Minneapolis South)
3rd Place: Ellen Dymit and Conor McClun (Washburn)
4th Place: Gus Leinbach and Trace Thompson (Minneapolis South)
5th Place: Mubashir Jeilani and Matt Johnson (Minneapolis South)
1st Place Speaker: Gaochy Yang, Patrick Henry
2nd Place Speaker: Ella Johnson, Washburn
3rd Place Speaker: Charles Varberg, Patrick Henry
4th Place Speaker: Sophie Downey, Minneapolis South
5th Place Speaker: Klayton Elliot, Minneapolis South
1st Place: Etta Lynch-Beatty and Grace Palmer, Minneapolis South
2nd Place: Tristan Goblirsch and Bailey Stubbe (Rosemount)
3rd Place: Hannah Gordon and Semaj Jones McDonell (Washburn)
4th Place: Claire Anderson and Sam Stockbridge (Washburn)
5th Place: Shamso Hashi and Hibak Mohamed (Como Park)
1st Place Speaker: Grace Palmer, Minneapolis South
2nd Place Speaker: Semaj Jones McDonell, Washburn
3rd Place Speaker: Etta Lynch-Beatty, Minneapolis South
4th Place Speaker: Hannah Gordon, Washburn
5th Place Speaker: Tristan Goblirsch, Rosemount
1st Place: Ian Dill and Sam Mulvaney (Highland Park)
2nd Place: Simon Henderson and Saara Navab (Minneapolis South)
3rd Place: Dan Bannister and Wiley Roemer (Highland Park)
4th Place: Shreya Shankar and Laura Kirkley (Rosemount)
5th Place: Nadia Goldman and Dana Saari (Minneapolis South)
1st Place Speaker: Dan Bannister, Highland Park
2nd Place Speaker: Sam Mulvaney, Highland Park
3rd Place Speaker: Saara Navab, Minneapolis South
4th Place Speaker: Tanner Anderson, Minneapolis South
5th Place Speaker: Zach Anderson, Bloomington
Student Congress
1st Place: Rand Silvers, Apple Valley
2nd Place: Megan Johnson, Blaine
3rd Place: Bailey Rung, Blaine:
4th Place: Shikha Raval, Maple Grove
5th Place: Yogitha Posani, Maple Grove

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