MDTA Cup – PF/Classic/LD Results – Policy Coming Soon

And here are the MDTA Unofficial results for the 2011-2012 season.  I will be posting the top 5 students along with the top 5 schools for each.  Public Forum, Classic and LD results are complete and ready for community review.
In addition to the results, I will be posting the MS Excel document used to calculate all of the points.  This is for community review because it’s very possible that someones name is misspelled or I mis-calculated something along the way.  A quick explanation of the spreadsheet.  It has four sheets.  RawData is where all the magic is.  It lists students name and schools.  If a tournament offered breaks beyond Quarters, than we mark those tournaments as special otherwise, the top 8 get a point for breaking.  Than one additional point is awarded for each break round won or at a tournament where to breaks exist, a single point awarded to the winner.  We then have Top 8/Breaks bonus, Elim Bonus (each win or first place) to get total bonus points.  Lastly, there is a Y/N used to determine if we count that record for a school awards, remembering only the top 2 entries are counted.
So without further text here goes:
Public Forum Top 5

Danny Foussard SPA 17
Sophie Callahan Eagan 17
Max Minsker Eagan 17
Adithya Balaji Eastview 15
Anthony Bigelow Eastview 15
Samuel Wood SPA 15

Public Forum Team

SPA 42
Eagan 41
Eastview 38
Blaine 24
Cannon_Falls 19

Excel Spreadsheet – PF MDTA Cup 2011
Lincoln-Douglas Top 5

Courtney Bye Blaine 21
Elliot Polsky St_Thomas_Academy 19
Ashesh Rambachan Eastview 19
Alex Gray St._Francis 18
Kelton Anderson St_Thomas_Academy 16

Lincoln-Douglas Team

St_Thomas_Academy 36
Apple_Valley 35
Blaine 27
Blaine 27
Lakeville_North 27
Visitation 27

Excel Spreadsheet – LD MDTA Cup 2011
Classic Top 5

Abby Ginader Eastview 12
Mary Boles South_St_Paul 12
Avi Gori Southwest 12
Ada Breitenbucher South_St_Paul 12
David Gannon Eastview 11
Mariah Oxley Southwest 11
Olivia  Lin Eastview 11
Zane Larwood Eastview 11

Classic Team

Eastview 26
South_St_Paul 22
Century 15
Southwest 14
Stillwater 10

Excel Spreadsheet – Classic MDTA Cup 2011

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