Public Forum Debate officially recognized by MSHSL

The MSHSL accepted the MDTA recommendation to add public forum debate to the 2012-13 state debate tournament. This process started several years and with the assistance of Chris Franson from the MSHSL we were able to get our proposal adapted. This proposal is to add public forum debate to the traditional debate timeframe and a qualification process will be identified for the event.
The next process will be to formalize the state tournament rules and a committee will be formed to update the rules by February of 2012.
Debate Health
One of the factors in accepting public forum debate is the overall strength of debate throughout the state. Today 63 schools participate in all forms of debate and public forum will simply increase our ability to increase outreach throughout the state.
Again, more information will be coming on this subject, but congratulations to those who helped in this process.

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