Congress / State Tournament Meeting Info

Meeting Date/Time: July 13th @ 8:00 PM Central

For those interested, the MDTA is hosting a virtual meeting to discuss the addition of Congressional Debate as a MSHSL State Tournament Event.  During this meeting we will discuss the proposed qualifying (Section) and state tournament formats.  Gather feedback and revise based on community feedback.

We will record the meeting and post it as well for those who cannot attend.

Proposal Deck:!Ap-DVaUGsnvXz-4mBmIMyDyK1_eKJQ


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2016-17 MDTA Cup / All State

The Minnesota Debate Teachers Association (MDTA) is pleased to announce the 2016-17 MDTA Challenge Cup and All-State Debate winners.  The MDTA Challenge Cup is an annual award that recognizes exceptional performance by a team in all five debate categories.

Our MDTA Challenge Cup Winners are:

  • Congressional Debate – Maple Grove High School
  • Classic Debate – Eastview High School
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Robbinsdale Cooper High School
  • Policy Debate – Eagan High School
  • Public-Forum Debate – St. Paul Academy & Summit School

The All-State Debate awards are awarded to the top eight individuals in each debate format.  With thousands of students participating in debate statewide, the All-State Debate awards represents a highly select group of individuals across the state.  This year, our 40 All-State Debate students represent 20 different schools.

Our 40 All-State Debate students are:

  • Abbas Omar, Blaine (Congress)
  • Adnan Askari, St. Paul Academy (Public Forum)
  • Akarshna Iyer, Eastview (Classic)
  • Alexandra Gekht, Eastview (Classic)
  • Anand Mittal, Edina (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Benjamin Konstan,  St. Paul Academy (Public Forum)
  • Benjamin Pankow, Eagan (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Benjamin Summers, Champlin Park (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Daniel Johnson, East Ridge (Congress)
  • Dante Fornizy, Eastview (Public Forum)
  • David Necas, Robbinsdale Cooper (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Dylan Clausen, Elk River (Congress)
  • Fallon Anderson, South St. Paul (Classic)
  • Gloria Mi, Edina (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Joshua Groven, Eagan (Congress)
  • Karina Verdin, South St. Paul (Classic)
  • Kayla Arradondo, Eastview (Classic)
  • Kevin Jacobson, Maple Grove (Congress)
  • Krueger, Eagan (Policy)
  • Lutz, Eagan (Policy)
  • Matthew Swedin, South St. Paul (Classic)
  • Michael White, Robbinsdale Cooper (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Nautica Flowers, Eagan (Congress)
  • Noah Gallagher, Lakeville North (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Osman Mansur, Eastview (Public Forum)
  • Peter Schavee, St Paul (Congress)
  • Queen Nwaudo, Eastview (Classic)
  • Quick, Eagan (Policy)
  • Raffi Toghramadjian, St. Paul Academy (Public Forum)
  • Ross Abram, Eastview (Public Forum)
  • Sabel, Eagan (Policy)
  • Sara DeSobrino, Forest Lake Sr (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Sarah Wheaton, St. Paul Academy (Public Forum)
  • Sauvageau, Rosemount (Policy)
  • Sean Mather, Eastview (Classic)
  • Shefali Bijwadia, St. Paul Academy (Public Forum)
  • Shih, Eagan (Policy)
  • Stanton, Eagan (Policy)
  • Stefanko, Rosemount (Policy)
  • Victoria Halvorson, Maple Grove (Congress)

MDTA Cup 2016-17 (Update #1)

315685-mega goldWe are now a month into the 2016-17 debate season which means its now time to start our weekly updates for MDTA Cup.  The MDTA Cup was started in the 2010-11 debate season to reward in-state tournament participation across the entire year.  The MDTA Cup is awarded to the top program in each of the five debate categories.

Started last year, the top 8 students in each format of debate are awarded the MDTA All-State Debate.  Each of these students represent the very best students in each format of debate.  All-State Awards for Congress and Classic debate are award in December.  Public-Forum, Lincoln-Douglas and Policy Debate are awarded in January in conjunction with the MSHSL State Tournament.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Robbinsdale Cooper and Edina High School are tied for first place with 21 points.  Robbinsdale Armstrong is in third place with 16 points.  For individual high honors, the top three students are Michael White (Robbinsdale Cooper), David Necas    (Robbinsdale Cooper) and Noah Gallagher (Lakeville North).

Public Forum Debate

St. Paul Academy holds a large lead with 23 points.  Edina and Eastview are tied for second place with 17 points.  For individual high honors, the top four students are Blake (Blaine), Thompson (St Paul), Konstan (St Paul) and Thompson (Maple Grove).

Classic Debate

Eastview High School holds a 2 point lead over South St. Paul High School.  There is a big three way tie for third place.  For individual high honors, the top three students are all from Eastview High School, Arradondo, Nwaudo, Iyer.

Policy Debate

Eagan High School has jumped out to a huge 6 point lead over Edina High School.  Wayzata is in third with 9 points.  For individual honors, the top student is Ferguson (South HS – Minneapolis) with twelve tied for second place.  (Updated 10/31/16 – found a problem with a duplicate student name, corrected post)
Please note all results are unofficial until audited.

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