2017-18 MDTA All-State Awards

The Minnesota Debate Teachers Association (MDTA) is pleased to announce the 2016-17 MDTA Challenge Cup and All-State Debate winners.  The MDTA Challenge Cup is an annual award that recognizes exceptional performance by a team in all five debate categories.

  • Congressional Debate – Eagan High School
  • Classic Debate – Eastview High School
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Robbinsdale ArmstrongHigh School
  • Policy Debate – Eagan High School
  • Public-Forum Debate – Edina High School



  • Alex Chun, Maple Grove (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Alex Yang, East Ridge (Public-Forum)
  • Alexis Wagenfeld, Blaine (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Autumn Zierman, Denfeld (Public-Forum)
  • Connor Bullock, Andover (Congress)
  • Cori Roberts, Apple Valley (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • David Ma, Edina (Public-Forum)
  • David Necas, Robbinsdale Cooper (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Emma Voge, Andover (Public-Forum)
  • Emma Zellmer, Eagan (Congress)
  • Grant Davis, Eagan (Congress)
  • Hathaway, Rosemount (Policy)
  • Huang, Eagan (Policy)
  • Jack Slavik, Andover (Public-Forum)
  • Jane Ahmann, East Ridge (Congress)
  • Kevin Jacobson, Maple Grove (Congress)
  • Khalid Ishani, Edina (Public-Forum)
  • Krueger, Eagan (Policy)
  • Leo Montie, Stillwater (Classic)
  • Lutz, Eagan (Policy)
  • Maggie Wuollet, Armstrong (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Matthew Strupp, Forest Lake (Congress)
  • Meg Wilkening, Mounds Park (Classic)
  • Nadrat Amos, Armstrong (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Namita Nair, Eastview (Classic)
  • Nathaniel Christensen, Minnetonka (Classic)
  • Nautica Flowers, Eagan (Congress)
  • Noah Gallagher, Lakeville (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Noah Schraut, Stillwater (Classic)
  • Peters, Eagan (Policy)
  • Pranay Somayajula, Mounds Park (Classic)
  • Quinten Rimolde, Denfeld (Public-Forum)
  • Rachel deSobrino, Forest Lake (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Rachel Park, Minnetonka (Classic)
  • Raunak Pandey, Eagan (Congress)
  • Richard Zhu, Edina (Public-Forum)
  • Ross Abram, Eastview (Classic)
  • Sabel, Eagan (Policy)
  • Shih, Eagan (Policy)
  • Vashistha, Eagan (Policy)

MDTA Cup & All State Update #2

The Minnesota Debate Teachers Association is excited to release the second update for the MDTA Cup and All-State Awards. These are the results through six weeks of competition (11/4/2017).  Results are unofficial until audited at the end of the season.


Three schools have jumped out to a large lead over everyone else.  in first place is Robbinsdale Armstrong (21), followed closely by Chanhassen (20) and in third is Apple Valley (18).  In the individual race the top three spots have reached double digits and then there is a large group of individuals with 7 to 9 points.

Maggie Wuollet Robbinsdale Armstrong 12
Cori Roberts Apple Valley 11
Natalie Williamson Chanhassen 10
Alexis Wagenfeld Blaine 9
Nadrat Amos Robbinsdale Armstrong 9
Noah Gallagher Lakeville 9
Alex Nelson St. Croix Prep 8
Alex Chun Maple Grove 8
Maxwell Schaefer Eastview 8
Ethan Mirman Minnetonka 7
Joseph Melander Minnetonka 7
Marguerite Laplant Eagan 7
Brandon Schellhaass Apple Valley 7
Rachel de Sobrino Forest Lake Sr 7
David Necas Robbinsdale Cooper 7


Apple Valley LD not counted in this yet.  Waiting on results.


Public Forum

Public forum appears to be a two school race.  Edina (27) holds a three point lead over Eagan (24) followed by St. Paul and Andover at 19 Points.  In the individual race:


Jones (Edina) Edina 15
Zhu (Edina) Edina 14
Ma (Edina) Edina 13
Blake (Blaine) Blaine 11
Askari (St Paul) St Paul 11
Hayes (Apple Valley) Apple Valley 11
Yang (East Ridge) East Ridge 11
Konstan (St Paul) St Paul 11
Salnikov (East Ridge) East Ridge 9
Brachio (Apple Valley) Apple Valley 9
Zierman (Denfeld) Denfeld 9
Slavik (Andover) Andover 9
Scheller (Eagan) Eagan 9
Salnikov (East Ridge) East Ridge 9
Rimolde (Denfeld) Denfeld 9
Patel (Eagan) Eagan 9
Voge (Andover) Andover 9
Will (St Paul) St Paul 9
Policy DebateNOTE: Concordia Results are not posted

Continuing a tradition, Eagan High School has jumped out to huge lead with 24 points.  Wayzata is at 18 points and Rosemount at 15.  In the individual race:


Krueger (Eagan) Eagan 13
Shih (Eagan) Eagan 13
Hathaway (Rosemount) Rosemount 8
Peters (Eagan) Eagan 7
Huang (Rosemount) Rosemount 7
Sewpersaud (Rosemount) Rosemount 7
Yang (Wayzata) Wayzata 6
Anderson McElligott (Edina) Edina 6
Sathe (Edina) Edina 6
He (Wayzata) Wayzata 6
Jarcho (Minneapolis Washburn) Minneapolis Washburn 6
Ding (Edina) Edina 6
Yang (Edina) Edina 6
Bothwell (Edina) Edina 6
Vashistha (Eagan) Eagan 6


Classic Debate

Eastview has jumped out to a quick lead with 18 points.  Stillwater and Minnetonka are tied for second place with 13 points.  In the individual race:

Abram (Eastview) Eastview 8
Nair (Eastview) Eastview 8
Christensen (Minnetonka) Minnetonka 7
Park (Minnetonka) Minnetonka 7
Somayajula (Mounds Park) Mounds Park 6
Montie (Stillwater Area) Stillwater Area 6
Wilkening (Mounds Park) Mounds Park 6
Schraut (Stillwater Area) Stillwater Area 6
Chadha (Minnetonka) Minnetonka 5
Johnson (Stillwater Area) Stillwater Area 5
Block (Eastview) Eastview 5
McDonough (Stillwater Area) Stillwater Area 5
Newell (Minnetonka) Minnetonka 5
Doyle (Eastview) Eastview 5

Congressional Debate

In progress

MDTA Cup & All State Update

The Minnesota Debate Teachers Association is excited to release the first update for the MDTA Cup and All-State Awards. Each year the MDTA recognizes the top school and eight students in each activity. All results are unofficial until the end of the season:

Public Forum

In a tight race Blaine and Edina HS are tied with 10 points. Chanhassen and Eagan are only 1 point back with four others only 2 points back. Our top students are Hayes & Brachio (Apple Valley), Benson (Blaine) and Salnikov & Yang (East Ridge).


Tied for first is a host of schools: Apple Valley, Robbinsdale Armstrong, Chanhassen and Robbinsdale Cooper. Followed by another four schools one point back. Our top students are Wuollet (Armstrong), Necas (Cooper), Wagenfeld (Blaine) and Williamson (Chanhassen).

Policy Debate

NOTE: University of MN Results are not yet posted.

Continuing a tradition, Eagan High School has jumped out to an early lead with 9 points. Close behind is Wayzata high school with 8 points and Rosemount with 6. In the individual race, Krueger & Shih (Eagan) lead with Hathaway & Huang (Rosemount) close behind.

Classic Debate

Eastview has jumped out to a quick lead with 9 points. Stillwater and Minnetonka are close behind with 7 points. In the individual race Abram & Nair (Eastview), Johnson & Montie (Stillwater) and Christen & Park (Minnetonka) are leading the pack.

Congressional Debate

Eagan has a slight 12 to 11 lead over Maple Grove in the first few weeks of the season.  Close behind is Blaine, Chanhassen and East Ridge.  In the individual race, Kevin Jacobson (Maple Grove) and Branden Johnson (Chanhassen) lead the way.  Right behind them is Joshua Groven and Raunak Pandey (Eagan).

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