All State Awards – Week 6

315685-mega goldWe are two more weeks into the MDTA/All State Awards and here is our next update.  We will update again one more time after Birds of Prey.


Edina (22 Points) continues to hold onto the season lead over a second place tie with Apple Valley and Robbinsdale Cooper (20 Points).  Robbinsdale Armstrong (17 Points) is in fourth place.

In the individual race, Mahtomedi’s Sophie Krohn (11 Points) has jumped out to a lead over Robbinsdale Cooper’s David Necas (10 Points).  There is a six way tie for third place (9 Points).

Public Forum

Eastview (24 Points) has retaken the season lead in the team category.  St. Paul Academy (22 Points) drops down to second place.  Chanhassen (18 Points) takes over the third place spot.

East Ridge’s Kevin Bi and Alicia Zhang (13 Points) have taken over the top spot.  Eastview’s Alex Baker and Rishabh Gupta (11 Points) are tied for third place.


Eagan (17 Points) continues to hold onto the team lead over Jefferson (15 Points) and Rosemount / Wayzata (14 Points).

In the individual race we now have a four way tie for first place (8 Points).  Rosemount’s Kirkley & Stefanko and Bloomington’s Chiev and Wang (although Chiev and Wang have not yet qualified with four in-state tournaments).


Chanhassen (24 Points) continues to hold a small lead over St. Paul Academy (23 Points) and Eagan (21 Points).

In the individual race, Chanhassens’ Elijah Rockhold (14 Points) holds a lead over second place Eagan’s Aekta Mouli (10 Points).

Classic (waiting on this weekend) updates will be coming.

MDTA Cup / All-State Awards Update: Week 4

315685-mega goldWith another week in the books we are starting to see some trends.  (We are waiting on Classic Tournament for updates in that division.)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Edina (16 Points) continues to hold onto the top spot and starting to open up a slight lead on Apple Valley (14 Points) and Robbinsdale Cooper (12 Points).  The good news is there is a lot of season left for schools to get back into the race.

In the individual race, Edina’s Arvind Veluvali (7 Points) has pulled out to a one point lead over six others.  Here are the current top 8 + ties (All-State Award):

Arvind Veluvali (Edina), Sophie Krohn (Mahtomedi), Gloria Mi (Edina), Michael White (Robbinsdale_Cooper), Sophie Ober (Apple_Valley), Claire Hoffa (Apple_Valley), Calvin McMahon (Champlin_Park), Eric Dorland (Robbinsdale_Armstrong), Anand Mittal (Edina), Sara DeSobrino (Forest_Lake), Henry Dikeman (Apple_Valley)

Policy Debate

With another week in the books Eagan (12 Points) has jumped out to a huge lead over Rosemount and Edina (7 Points).  Eagan’s Wilary and Roberts (7 Points) have a three point lead over everyone.

Here are the current top 8 + ties (All-State Award):

Wilary (Eagan), Roberts (Eagan), Kirkley (Rosemount), Bhavsar (Blake), Phan (Jefferson), Stefanko (Rosemount), O’Neil (Blake), Chiev (Jefferson)

Public Forum Debate

St. Paul Academy (15 Points) has jumped up a spot and taken over first place from Eastview (14 Points) this week.  Edina (13 Points) moved up several spots to third place.

In the individual race we have a six-way tie for first place.  Here are the current top 8 + ties (All-State Award):

Colin Haave (Eastview), Kevin Bi (East Ridge), David Sebenaler (Chanhassen), Alex Baker (Eastview), Alicia Zhang (East Ridge), Colin Haave (Eastview), Marissa Williamson (Chanhassen), Julia Howes (Chanhassen)

Congressional Debate

In our first update for Congressional Debate, we see Chanhassen High School (18 Points) in a one point lead over Eagan (17 Points).

In the individual race, Chanhassen’s Elijah Rockhold (10 Points) holds a two point lead over Eagan’s Aekta Mouli (8 Points).  Here are the current top 8 + ties (All-State Award):

Elijah Rockhold    (Chanhassen), Aekta Mouli (Eagan), Spencer Evink (Chanhassen), Ben Portzen (Eagan), Erik Baker (Maple_Grove), Collin Westgard (Eagan), Peter Shavee (St_Paul_Academy), Riley Wheaton (St_Paul_Academy), Cassidy Bins (Chanhassen), Colin Buck (East_Ridge), Calvin Benson (Blaine)


Announcing All-State Debate Awards

The Minnesota Debate Teachers Association (MDTA) is excited to announce a major change to the MDTA Cup Points.  Over the past six years the MDTA has awarded the top program with the annual MDTA Cup and traveling trophy.

Starting this year, the MDTA will be expanding this award system to recognize the top eight students in each of the five forms of debate (Classic, Congressional, Lincoln-Douglas, Policy and Public Forum) as “All-State Debate”.  Students will receive a medal to recognize them for this accomplishment.  Additionally, school administrators will receive notification of the student’s accomplishments.

Students will receive points based on their accomplishments at local tournaments based on the existing MDTA Cup Points system.  Details about how points are awarded can be found here:

Students will be awarded at their respective state tournaments for their accomplishments.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate in asking.

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