MDTA Cup – Classic Debate Update

After 5 tournaments, the Classic Debate MDTA Cup points are currently as follows:

Top Individuals:

Student School Points
Jack Kurila Eastview 9
Erik Lecy Eastview 9
Charlotte Roiger Eastview 9
Muskaan Goyal Eastview 8
Maria Kalambokidis Stillwater 8
Sarah Karels BSM 8
Parker Breza BSM 8
Elijah Kranz Eastview 8
Michelle Ji Eastview 8
Sofia Logan Stillwater 8


School Points:

School Points
Eastview 22
Stillwater 17
South St Paul 13
BSM 13
Minnehaha 10
Mayo 8
Southwest 8
White Bear Lake 7
Minnetonka 5
Henry Sibley 4
Orono 2
Mankato 1

All results are tentative pending a final audit. 

Why aren’t I winning the MDTA Cup?

Through the magic of spreadsheets and macros the MDTA cup points are tracked each week based on results submitted by tournament hosts and/or tabroom staff. With the increased use of the  Joy of Tournaments program for registration this year we’ve hoped to cut back significantly on some common errors, but it is still very possible that some student points may not be correctly reflected for many reasons. The most common is simple misspelling. Each unique spelling (or nickname, or abbreviation) will show up as a different person, therefore if you were listed in results packets as Tom, Tommy, and Thomas on three different weekends, your points are being split as if earned by 3 separate identities.

This also occasionally comes into play with school names – St. vs. Saint, etc. Throughout the season this will be checked and re-checked, but updates and corrections are made at all times – thus the disclaimer on all update posts – results are subject to change with final audit!

If your name was misspelled in the results packet, it’s a good bet it was carried into the MDTA Cup points tracking incorrectly as well. If you’ve noticed this, please email your correct name spelling, format of debate you compete in, and school to and I’ll be sure to take a closer look at combining your aliases.

You can also track your own MDTA Cup points to be sure they match:

Individual Points:

1 Point for Competing at Tournament (in-state)

1 Point for finishing 1 through 8th place, or qualifying to elim rounds, whichever includes more students

1 Point for placing first at a tournament without elims

1 Point for each elimination round won

Max of 5 points per tournament

Must participate in four in-state tournaments to qualify for award

1 Point for qualifying to state tournament

(MSHSL State Tournament or MSHSL State Festival results do not count towards awards)

 The top two point earners in each format at each tournament count towards school points.

As always, we thank tournament hosts for forwarding the results and brackets of varsity divisions asap after your event.

MDTA Cup Update – Classic Debate

New this year, Classic Debate will also be included in the MDTA Cup Award system – here’s how the points look for Classic Debate after 3 tournaments:

In team points Eastview has a commanding lead with 14 points over Benilde St. Margarets and South St. Paul who are tied with 9 points. Stillwater is just behind them with 8.

In the individual points race it’s all about Eastview – teammates Erik Lecy and Charlotte Roiger lead the pack wtih 7 points each, then Michelle Ji, Elijah Kranz, and Jack Kurila are all tied with 6.

All results are tentative pending a final audit.  If you suspect an error or have additional information, please alert


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