2012 Practice Extemp Questions

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Chris McDonald

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Well another year of debate is coming close to the end for most folks here in Minnesota and as such our thoughts turn to speech competition. I will once again try my very best to provide a set of practice questions each week for people to use.


2012 Practice Extemporaneous Speaking Questions Set #1


International Extemp Questions

1.     Is Iraq headed towards political stability or instability in 2012?

2.     Should struggling European nations, like Greece, abandon the Euro as their currency?

3.     Should the United States continue to pressure Iran with increased sanctions over its nuclear program?

4.     Will Kim Jong Un successfully take the mantle of military leadership in North Korea?

5.     Does the use of stealth drones by the CIA help or hurt America’s foreign policy objectives in the Middle East?

6.     Should Nigeria eliminate petrol subsidies?

7.     Will the protests occurring across Russia have any impact upon the upcoming presidential election?

8.     Should the European Union liberalize its Visa program?

9.     Does international virus research, like the H5N1 bird flu virus, increase or decrease the risk of a worldwide pandemic?

10.  Will the world end on December 21, 2012?



Domestic Extemp Questions

1.     Is the problem with sluggish U.S. economic growth too much federal government regulation?

2.     Are so called “Super PACS” helping or hurting the GOP candidates for president in 2012?

3.     Will “Tea Party” politics help or hurt GOP chances to win the presidency in 2012?

4.     Should states be allowed to adopt stronger immigration enforcement laws than the federal government employs?

5.     Which will have a greater impact on the outcome of the upcoming presidential election: the economy or congressional inaction?

6.     What steps should America take to increase organ donations nationwide?

7.     Do the regulations adopted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency do more harm than good?

8.     What should America do to reduce its dependency on foreign energy sources?

9.     Will the U.S. economy successfully grow and prosper in 2012?

10.  Will the Supreme Court rule against President Obama’s healthcare reform act in 2012?


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Chris McDonald

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I apologize for being slow in putting up this week's practice extemp questions for the community. Hopefully by next week I am back on schedule with posting them earlier in the week.

2012 Practice Extemporaneous Speaking Questions

Set #2


United States Extemporaneous Speaking Questions


1. Will the U.S. economy experience strong or weak growth in 2012?


2. Will negative campaigning during the primaries help or hurt the GOP in the general election for president in 2012?


3. Should Mitt Romney’s, or any candidates, religion matter when evaluating their electability as a political candidate?


4. Do our nation’s expanding energy demands prevent us from preserving and protecting our environment?


5. Are venture capital firms like Bain Capital a positive or negative force for U.S. economic growth and prosperity?


6. Was President Obama’s use of the recess appointment process legal?


7. What impact would a 3rd party candidate have on the 2012 presidential election?


8. Is America investing enough in clean energy research and development?


9. Are online learning opportunities a positive educational step for America’s high school students?


10. What legislative priorities should congress set as they reconvene in 2012?



International Extemporaneous Speaking Questions


1. Is the United States on a crash course towards military conflict with Iran?


2. Should the international community intervene more aggressively in Syria?


3. Has the ANC (African National Congress) proven to be a success or failure in South Africa?


4. Should Scotland embrace independence?


5. Will isolating Iran help or hurt international efforts to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon?


6. Are Israeli actions in the West Bank helping or hurting efforts to adopt a two-state solution?


7. What impact will the upcoming elections in Taiwan have on Taiwanese relations with China?


8. Has the Arab Spring resulted in real improvement for the citizens of Egypt?


9. In the wake of Kim Jong Un’s ascendancy to power should the United States re-engage North Korea?


10. Is South Sudan succeeding or failing at establishing a peaceful and stable new nation?


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Chris McDonald

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2012 Practice Extemporaneous Speaking Questions Set #3


International Extemp Questions

  1. Is the international community doing enough to stem the tide of terrorist activity in Africa?
  2. Are austerity measures the right course of action to restore stable economic growth in the nations of the European Union?
  3. Is Syria on the brink of civil war?
  4. Is the International Atomic Energy Agency succeeding or failing in its mission to ensure nations only use nuclear materials and facilities for peaceful purposes?
  5. What does the future hold for Iraq now that the U.S. military is gone?
  6. What impact will the re-election of President Ma Yin-jeou have on Taiwan’s relations with China?
  7. Will the global economy rebound and grow in 2012?
  8. Should the Mekong River Commission proceed with the building of a dam along the Mekong River in Laos?
  9. Is Egypt moving towards true democratic representation or military lead dictatorship?
  10. Will the new “fiscal compact” being proposed by the leadership of the European Union succeed in restoring financial stability?


Domestic Extemp Questions

  1. Who should win the GOP nomination for presidential candidate in 2012?
  2. Will the recent spate of new voter identification laws help or hinder elections in the United States?
  3. Should the federal government allow U.S. corporations to repatriate profits tax free?
  4. Has “No Child Left Behind” succeeded in its mission of improving America’s education system?
  5. Has economic recovery successfully taken hold in the United States?
  6. Do the new “Super PACS” help or hinder democracy in the United States?
  7. Will the GOP successfully unite behind a single candidate for president in 2012?
  8. Will proposed cuts to defense spending help or hurt America’s military readiness?
  9. Should America allow oil drilling in the Arctic's Chukchi and Beaufort Seas?
  10. Should congress adopt SOPA legislation in order to combat online piracy?


Bonus Question: The Mayans: prescient prognosticators of peril or doddering dunces of doom?

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Chris McDonald

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2012 Practice Extemporaneous Speaking Questions Set #4


International Extemp Questions

  1. Has global capitalism helped or hurt developing nations?
  2. Should Russia re-elect Vladimir Putin as president?
  3. Is the use of state directed capitalism a sustainable economic model for China?
  4. Should India turn to coal or nuclear power to feed their nation’s increasing needs for electricity?
  5. Is a national unity government the answer to Syria’s conflict?
  6. Is a negotiated settlement with the Taliban a positive step towards peace in Afghanistan?
  7. Do al-Qaeda and the jihadist movement still pose a threat to global security?
  8. Does Iran pose a realistic threat to the free flow of commerce through the Strait of Hormuz?
  9. Is the Iraqi government on the brink of collapse?
  10. What steps should the IMF take to stabilize global economic growth in 2012?



Domestic Extemp Questions

  1. What does Newt Gingrich’s resurgent win in South Carolina mean for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012?
  2. Should America pursue a constitutional amendment to control the recent increase in corporate spending on federal elections?
  3. Have President Obama’s foreign policy actions been good for America?
  4. What steps should the federal government take to reduce income inequality in America?
  5. If not SOPA, then what steps should the federal government take to protect intellectual property rights?
  6. Should corporate anonymity be outlawed in the United States?
  7. What steps should the federal government take to reduce ongoing budget deficits?
  8. What impact will projected defense budget cuts have on overall U.S. defense strategy?
  9. Should the U.S. Supreme Court allow warrantless electronic tracking by law enforcement agencies?
  10. What steps should the federal government take to reform education in the United States?

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Steven Fetzik
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Chris:  Thank you for posting these pratice questions.  Extempers across the state are receiving an invaluable service because of your efforts.

You know:  each week you are offering up 20 potentially great Public Forum topics (80 so far + the Mayans.). How can we get these into the hands of the NFL?

Steven J. Fetzik SFHS Debate
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Chris McDonald

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2012 Practice Extemporaneous Speaking Questions Set #5


International Extemp Questions

  1. Should Israel take military action to stop Iran from successfully pursuing a nuclear weapons program?
  2. Does global economic growth help or hurt the world’s poor?
  3. Should the international community pay Ecuador not to drill in the Yasuni National Park?
  4. Should the United States intervene in Syria?
  5. What does the future hold for the Communist Party in China?
  6. Should Nicolas Sarkozy be reelected as President of France?
  7. Has the new leadership of Libya taken the necessary steps to restore peace and stability?
  8. Is intra-regional trade the answer to Africa’s lagging economic growth?
  9. Is Myanmar on the path toward free and fair elections?
  10. Should Russia reelect Vladimir Putin as president?



Domestic Extemp Questions

  1. Are “Right to Work” laws good or bad public policy?
  2. Should Congress adopt a national policy aimed at reviving manufacturing here in the United States?
  3. What steps should Congress take to reform our nation’s tax system?
  4. Will a protracted race for the GOP presidential nomination help or hurt the Republican’s chances to unseat President Obama in 2012?
  5. Will the Affordable Care Act stand-up to constitutional scrutiny by the U.S. Supreme Court?
  6. What steps should Congress take to spur job-creating economic growth?
  7. Should America stop using coal to produce energy?
  8. Should Congress extend the payroll tax reduction?
  9. What steps should Congress take to reform Medicare?
  10. Is higher education in America becoming too expensive?

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Chris McDonald

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2012 Practice Extemporaneous Speaking Questions Set #6


International Extemp Questions

  1. In the aftermath of the Arab Spring have we seen real governmental reform taking place in the effected nations?
  2. Is Mexico better off today than when President Calderon took office in 2006?
  3. Should Great Britain relinquish its claim to the Falkland Islands?
  4. Is the developing world paying the price for the developed world’s inability to tackle global climate change?
  5. Is a peaceful resolve over the growing oil impasse between Sudan and new South Sudan possible?
  6. What does the failure of the United Nations to act mean for the people of Syria?
  7. Will anti-Putin protesters succeed in their mission to prevent Vladimir Putin from being reelected as President of Russia?
  8. Should China provide financial assistance to help the European Union resolve its debt crisis?
  9. Should the UN Security Council membership be expanded?
  10. What impact will U.S. defense cuts have on America’s ability to meet its military obligations around the world?


Domestic Extemp Questions

  1. What impact will President Obama’s decision to move up the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan have on his reelection?
  2. Should the government require religious institutions to provide health insurance that includes requirements that go against their faith?
  3. What steps should the federal government take to restore our nation’s housing market?
  4. Should U.S. Supreme Court proceedings be televised?
  5. Should Congress repeal the upcoming automatic budget cuts faced by the Department of Defense?
  6. What impact will immigration issues have on the 2012 election?
  7. What steps should the federal government take to reform Social Security?
  8. Should the federal government eliminate the “Adequate Yearly Progress” standard in our nation’s education policy?
  9. Are off-shore wind farms an environmentally friendly answer to our nation’s energy needs?
  10. Should Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan recuse herself from the upcoming case involving healthcare reform?

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Chris McDonald

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2012 Practice Extemporaneous Speaking Questions Set #7


International Extemp Questions

  1. Does the U.S. free trade agreement with Colombia benefit both nations?
  2. Does China aspire to challenge the United States’ international hegemony?
  3. Is the Free Syrian Army (FSA) strong enough to pose a serious challenge to President Bashar Assad?
  4. What does the future hold for Russia’s economy?
  5. Will the Supreme Court of Pakistan succeed in curbing the powers of the military establishment?
  6. Has the opposition movement in Venezuela gained enough support to successfully topple Hugo Chavez?
  7. Do China’s military activities in Latin America pose a threat to U.S. security?
  8. What impact would airstrikes by Israel on Iran have on Middle East security?
  9. In the wake of the prosecution of pro-democracy activists, should the United States cut off all military aid to Egypt?
  10. Are humanitarian aid workers taking on too much risk for too little reward?


Domestic Extemp Questions

  1. In the more than 40 years since coming into force, has America’s federal “war on drugs” succeeded or failed?
  2. What does the surge of Rick Santorum mean for the GOP contest to win the party’s nomination?
  3. Should the broadcast actions and/or words of individuals like British pop star MIA be protected free speech?
  4. Is America on the path towards eradicating segregation?
  5. Should religious principles of employers matter more than access to birth control?
  6. Does the lower value of the U.S. dollar help or hurt the overall U.S. economy?
  7. Will electric vehicles be the technology that leads the U.S. to shed its dependency on foreign oil?
  8. Do so-called “right to work” laws help or hurt America’s middle class?
  9. Should the federal government invest more money in our nation’s infrastructure?
  10. What steps should government take to reform Medicare?

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2012 Practice Extemp Questions
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