Rosemount tournament open for entries

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  Our invitational has actually been open for entries for about a week, and we actually have some, but I figured I would make sure everybody knew.  You may enter on Tabroom.  The tournament is Saturday, Sept. 29.  We offer policy, LD, PF, and congress.  Construction on our building is still in progress but shouldn't affect most of the spaces we will use.  Come learn the fun of navigating our new parking lot!  Our second site this year will be Rosemount Middle School, just up the hill from the high school.  It'll be a good idea to get in early, because we probably have slightly less room than last year.  We look forward to seeing y'all. 

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Rosemount tournament open for entries
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Started on 9/7/2018 by Cort Sylvester
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