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We are happy to announce the judges who will be offered contracts for the 2018 MSHSL State Debate Tournament to held on the campus of the University of Minnesota January 12th and 13th. Just a few notes for everyone's information.

 1. We received a total of 27 school ballots in one or more of the 4 Debate Events taking place at the MSHSL State Debate Tournament (Policy, LD, Public Forum and Congress). We are releasing the results for Policy, LD and Public Forum. We will release the results for Congress judges after the section tournament takes place at Eagan High School in conjunction with the MDTA JV/Novice State Tournament. 

2. We are limited by the MSHSL rules to only hiring 2 judges from anyone current or recent school affiliation. So, yes there were a couple of instances where a 3rd coach/judge affiliated with a particular program is not getting offered a contract at this time. We went with the top 2 vote getters from a particular school if there were 3 who received votes to finish in the top 20 of a particular event. 

3. We expanded our hired judges to 20 in each event with Policy sticking with the 14 2-day judges along with 6 Saturday only judges. Public Forum will hire 14 judges along with 6 Community Judges (those names will be made public once they have been confirmed. Finally in LD we will hire 20 judges for both Friday and Saturday. 

4. If you have any questions please contact me at Eagan HS 

LD Judges for MSHSL State Debate

Ahlstrom, Mark

Baskin, Jason

Bordwell, Dan

Brown, Jon

Brynteson, DJ

Charrier, Andy

Davis, Matthew

Eichele, Ross

Fetzik, Steve

Gray, Alex

Haen, Liz

Madson, Robyn

Martinez, Trevor

Mensink, Todd

Niemann, Desearea

Prax, Zach

Pritschet David

Smith, Nick

Theis, Chris

Urevig, Andrew


Public Forum Judges

Berkowitz, Sandy

Borash. David

Fones, Tom

Graves, Lee

Greenfield, Tim

Hering, Todd

McDonald, Ceil

Minsker, Max

Scholz, Katie

Snell, Katie (Michaels)

Thibido, Chyenne

Thoams, Greta

Vasquez, Christian

Wycoff, Pam


Policy Judges - 2 Day Judges

Bellamy, Tiana

Bosch, Emily

Fink, Reka Francis

Gallini-Matyas, Izak

Oberly, Nick

Panneck, Travis

Short, Eric

Stinson, Chris

Struth, Matt

Swede, Jake

Sylvester, Cort

Tauring-Traxler, Oskar

Uihlein, Hayden


Policy - Saturday Only Judges

Asirvatham, Rohit

Coates, David

Dahl, Alix

DePass, Blaize

Groven, Bob

Martinson, Gregg

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MSHSL State Debate Judges
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