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I have been asked to remind everyone about the agreed upon dates for when certain arguments and case advantages are to be used by novices competing in Policy Debate. We have heard that some schools have been using the 3rd advantage for one of the novice affirmatives and just wanted to make sure that everyone knows when these arguments can be employed. Below is the list with dates. So Wave 2 is coming up starting with the Roseville Tournament which means novice policy teams may use Federalism, States CP, Topicality and the Impact Weighing File. Biopower and the 3rd advantage to each affirmative will not be available for use by novice policy teams until the UDL at the U of M Tournament on Saturday November 18th. 

Wave 1 (available to use from day 1):
STEM aff (econ and anti-racism advantages)
PreK aff (econ and poverty advantages)
IDEA aff (econ and STPP advantages)
Spending DA
Politics DA
Wave 2 (available to use after Wash Tech, 10/15):
Federalism DA
States CP
Impact Weighing file
Wave 3 (available to use after Highland Park, 11/12): 
Biopower K
Third advantage for all three affs

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Novice Policy Debate Packet Waves
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