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Attached should be the full novice packet in docx format. The docx files are really good if you want to change underlining, highlighting, tags, etc. Since the affirmative cases and negative answers to case are in two waves and require different headers I'd suggest using the PDF files (attached in next post) to print. 


I've been viewing these files it in 'print layout' with verbatim activated - if the formatting looks a little wonky for you try navigating to the 'view' tab on top and clicking 'print layout' and/or downloading and activating verbatim. Should clear up any messy formatting.


Just a reminder about the waves.

Wave 1 (available to use from day 1):

  STEM aff (econ and anti-racism advantages)

PreK aff (econ and poverty advantages)

IDEA aff (econ and STPP advantages)

Spending DA

Politics DA

Wave 2 (available to use after Wash Tech, 10/15):

  Federalism DA

States CP


Impact Weighing file

Wave 3 (available to use after Highland Park, 11/12): 

Biopower K

Third advantage for all three affs

- IDEA aff.docx
- PreK Aff.docx
- STEM aff.docx
- Spending Disadvantage Aff.docx
- Politics Disadvantage Aff.docx
- Federalism Disadvantage Aff.docx
- States Counterplan Aff.docx
- Topicality Aff.docx
- Biopower Kritik Aff.docx
- Impact Weighing.docx
- IDEA Neg.docx
- Prek neg.docx
- STEM Neg.docx
- Spending Disadvantage Neg.docx
- Politics Disadvantage Neg.docx
- Federalism Disadvantage Neg.docx
- States Counterplan Neg.docx
- Topicality Neg.docx
- Biopower Kritik Neg.docx
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Jacob Swede

Posts: 24


The PDFs are too large to be stored on MDTA - I'll upload them to the MNUDL website on Tuesday when I have access.

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Ed Reform Novice Files
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