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Good afternoon.

We have a world schools debate format at the Blake tournament.  At present we have five teams and would love to have more.  If you are interested a couple options

The tournament is Saturday and Sunday - schedule and motions below.

1) Any school or district team can enter for free.

2) Blake has at least one very eager student that wants to do this and wants some partners -especially if you are part of Southern District but anyone that wanted to maybe hybrid with Blake we would welcome that.

Schedule and motions (also if you are free Friday afternoon, we are doing practice impromptu motion debates)

Saturday - Dec. 17

Round 1 - 8:30-10

Round 2 - 10-11:30

round 1 and 2 will be both sides of the following motion

THBT China’s claim of sovereignty over the islands in the South China Sea is justified

Round 3 -- 12:30-2:30 -- Impromptu

Round 4 -- 2:30-4:30  -- Impromptu

Demonstration Round featuring Team USA Development team members -- 5-7PM

THBT The obligation to provide safe haven for refugees should outweigh the government's right to control its borders.

Sunday Dec. 18

Round 5 -- 8:30-10:00

Prepared Motion: This house believes that developing countries should nationalize companies that extract their national resources.

Round 6 - 10-12PM -- Impromptu

Finals 1-3PM - Prepared Motion

This House would return cultural treasures to their countries of origin.

Shane Stafford Director of Forensics The Blake School
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World Schools at Blake tournament
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