Congress Legislation – 2017

A Bill to Prevent Modifications for Automatic Gunfire.pdf/Congress 2017/Congress Legislation/
Universal Basic Income.pdf/Congress 2017/Congress Legislation/
No Opiates Bill.pdf/Congress 2017/
No Plea Bargaining Bill.pdf/Congress 2017/
A Bill to Abolish the U.S. Department of Education.pdf/Congress 2017/
A Bill to Ban Cigarettes in the United States.pdf/Congress 2017/
A Bill to Distribute Free Photo IDs.pdf/Congress 2017/
A bill to take down confederate monuments .pdf/Congress 2017/
A Resolution take down all Confederate Monuments.pdf/Congress 2017/
A Resolution to End the Senate Filibuster .pdf/Congress 2017/
A Resolution to End the Senate Nuclear Option .pdf/Congress 2017/
An Amendment to the United States Constitution (1).pdf/Congress 2017/
Cancer Funding Bill.pdf/Congress 2017/
Drinking Age Bill.pdf/Congress 2017/
Indian Bill.pdf/Congress 2017/
Move Enriched Students(cut).pdf/Congress 2017/
No Armed Hospital Security Bill.pdf/Congress 2017/
No NAFTA Bill.pdf/Congress 2017/
A Bill to Help the Immigrants of the United States.pdf/Congress 2017/
A Bill to Require Body Cameras on Law Enforcers.docx/Congress 2017/
A Resolution to Amend the Constitution by Changing the 13th Amendment.docx/Congress 2017/
A Resolution to Convert to the Metric System.docx/Congress 2017/
A Resolution to Cut Funding For Schools That Use Homework.docx/Congress 2017/
A Resolution to Regulate Treatment of Animals.docx/Congress 2017/
A Resotution to Abolish the Electoral College.pdf/Congress 2017/
Bill to cease production of the Penny.docx/Congress 2017/
Plastic Currency.docx/Congress 2017/
Singh DACA replacement bill.docx/Congress 2017/
A Bill to Abolish the Death Penalty.docx/Congress 2017/
A Bill to Allow Cameras in Federal Courts.docx/Congress 2017/
ER Early Release/Congress 2017/Congress Legislation/
ER Detention Alternatives/Congress 2017/Congress Legislation/
ER Age of Majority/Congress 2017/Congress Legislation/
Resolution to Abolish Electoral College/Congress 2017/Congress Legislation/
A Bill to Help Immigrants/Congress 2017/
Presidential Powers Resolution/Congress 2017/
Plastic Bag Act/Congress 2017/
Colonize Mars Act/Congress 2017/
Cattcalling Equality Act/Congress 2017/
Self Sufficient Prisons/Congress 2017/
Repeal Three Strikes/Congress 2017/
Remove Pardons/Congress 2017/
Medical Marijuana/Congress 2017/
Mandatory Minimums/Congress 2017/
Felon Enfranchisement/Congress 2017/
Early Release/Congress 2017/
Detention Alternatives/Congress 2017/
Age of Majority/Congress 2017/
DACA Fix/Congress 2017/
Bill to Legalize Sex Work/Congress 2017/
Bill to Raise FEMA Budget/Congress 2017/
Bill to Institute a Carbon Tax/Congress 2017/
A Bill to Abolish the Debt Ceiling/Congress 2017/


Legislation to be used for the 2017 Congress Season. Bills may be submitted to Ross Eichele at any time. Ross will work with Tournament Managers each week to ensure a set of legislation is available for them and all bills will be posted on the MDTA Website.

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