Congress Legislation – 2014

Charter School Bill /Congress 2014/
Animal Euthanasia.docx/Congress 2014/
The Keystone Pipeline Approval Act.docx/Congress 2014/
Repeal No Child Left Behind/Congress 2014/
A resolution for Dress Codes in MN /Congress 2014/
A Resolution to Improve Vaccinations.doc/Congress 2014/
A Bill to Repeal the Affordable Care Act (1) (1).pdf/Congress 2014/
A Resolution to Invest in Nuclear Energy.doc/Congress 2014/
A Resolution to Make Forced Unionization Illegal .pdf/Congress 2014/
Domestic Shale Investment Act.pdf/Congress 2014/
Yemen Stabilization/Congress 2014/
Small Business Tax Breaks/Congress 2014/
A Bill to Cut Government Waste.docx/Congress 2014/
Drone Bill/Congress 2014/
Campaign Finance Bill.doc/Congress 2014/
Physician Assited Suicide.doc/Congress 2014/
Taiwan Resolution.docx/Congress 2014/
Shale Investment Act.doc/Congress Legislation 2014/Congress 2014/
A Bill to Reduce Abuse of power by Police by recording their actions.docx/Congress Legislation 2014/Congress 2014/
A Bill to Support a Struggle for Freedom.docx/Congress Legislation 2014/Congress 2014/
A Bill to Reserve Marijuana Policies to the States.docx/Congress Legislation 2014/Congress 2014/
A Resolution to Enact a Federal Flat Tax to Simplify the Existing Federal Tax System (1).doc/Congress 2014/
Distracted Driving Act/Congress 2014/
A Bill to Prohibit The Use of Cell Phones While Driving.doc/Congress 2014/
Middle East.docx/Congress 2014/
SexualAssault.docx/Congress 2014/
Thai Military Aid.doc/Congress 2014/
A Resolution to Require Parents to Sign A contract to demonstrate commitment to education.doc/Congress 2014/
DeathPenalty.docx/Congress 2014/
DietarySupplements.docx/Congress 2014/


Legislation to be used for the 2012 Congress Season.  Bills may be submitted to Ross Eichele <Ross.Eichele -at-> at any time.  Ross will work with Tournament Managers each week to ensure a set of legislation is available for them and all bills will be posted on the MDTA Website.

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