MDTA Cup & All State Update #2

The Minnesota Debate Teachers Association is excited to release the second update for the MDTA Cup and All-State Awards. These are the results through six weeks of competition (11/4/2017).  Results are unofficial until audited at the end of the season.


Three schools have jumped out to a large lead over everyone else.  in first place is Robbinsdale Armstrong (21), followed closely by Chanhassen (20) and in third is Apple Valley (18).  In the individual race the top three spots have reached double digits and then there is a large group of individuals with 7 to 9 points.

Maggie Wuollet Robbinsdale Armstrong 12
Cori Roberts Apple Valley 11
Natalie Williamson Chanhassen 10
Alexis Wagenfeld Blaine 9
Nadrat Amos Robbinsdale Armstrong 9
Noah Gallagher Lakeville 9
Alex Nelson St. Croix Prep 8
Alex Chun Maple Grove 8
Maxwell Schaefer Eastview 8
Ethan Mirman Minnetonka 7
Joseph Melander Minnetonka 7
Marguerite Laplant Eagan 7
Brandon Schellhaass Apple Valley 7
Rachel de Sobrino Forest Lake Sr 7
David Necas Robbinsdale Cooper 7


Apple Valley LD not counted in this yet.  Waiting on results.


Public Forum

Public forum appears to be a two school race.  Edina (27) holds a three point lead over Eagan (24) followed by St. Paul and Andover at 19 Points.  In the individual race:


Jones (Edina) Edina 15
Zhu (Edina) Edina 14
Ma (Edina) Edina 13
Blake (Blaine) Blaine 11
Askari (St Paul) St Paul 11
Hayes (Apple Valley) Apple Valley 11
Yang (East Ridge) East Ridge 11
Konstan (St Paul) St Paul 11
Salnikov (East Ridge) East Ridge 9
Brachio (Apple Valley) Apple Valley 9
Zierman (Denfeld) Denfeld 9
Slavik (Andover) Andover 9
Scheller (Eagan) Eagan 9
Salnikov (East Ridge) East Ridge 9
Rimolde (Denfeld) Denfeld 9
Patel (Eagan) Eagan 9
Voge (Andover) Andover 9
Will (St Paul) St Paul 9
Policy DebateNOTE: Concordia Results are not posted

Continuing a tradition, Eagan High School has jumped out to huge lead with 24 points.  Wayzata is at 18 points and Rosemount at 15.  In the individual race:


Krueger (Eagan) Eagan 13
Shih (Eagan) Eagan 13
Hathaway (Rosemount) Rosemount 8
Peters (Eagan) Eagan 7
Huang (Rosemount) Rosemount 7
Sewpersaud (Rosemount) Rosemount 7
Yang (Wayzata) Wayzata 6
Anderson McElligott (Edina) Edina 6
Sathe (Edina) Edina 6
He (Wayzata) Wayzata 6
Jarcho (Minneapolis Washburn) Minneapolis Washburn 6
Ding (Edina) Edina 6
Yang (Edina) Edina 6
Bothwell (Edina) Edina 6
Vashistha (Eagan) Eagan 6


Classic Debate

Eastview has jumped out to a quick lead with 18 points.  Stillwater and Minnetonka are tied for second place with 13 points.  In the individual race:

Abram (Eastview) Eastview 8
Nair (Eastview) Eastview 8
Christensen (Minnetonka) Minnetonka 7
Park (Minnetonka) Minnetonka 7
Somayajula (Mounds Park) Mounds Park 6
Montie (Stillwater Area) Stillwater Area 6
Wilkening (Mounds Park) Mounds Park 6
Schraut (Stillwater Area) Stillwater Area 6
Chadha (Minnetonka) Minnetonka 5
Johnson (Stillwater Area) Stillwater Area 5
Block (Eastview) Eastview 5
McDonough (Stillwater Area) Stillwater Area 5
Newell (Minnetonka) Minnetonka 5
Doyle (Eastview) Eastview 5

Congressional Debate

In progress

MDTA General Membership Meeting

Reminder that our general membership meeting for CTAM will occur on Saturday, September 16th at 9:00 AM in the Viking room at CTAM.  There we will discuss a variety of items that can be found in the agenda here:


Congress @ State Proposal

Congress Proposal Video/Conference Call

Look forward to seeing everyone there.  If you simply cannot get to St. Cloud we are again going to try a remote option.  Assuming we can get internet in the room:



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Join by phone

(855) 507-6448, access code: 7862239 (Toll Free US/Canada)

Congress / State Tournament Meeting Info

Meeting Date/Time: July 13th @ 8:00 PM Central

For those interested, the MDTA is hosting a virtual meeting to discuss the addition of Congressional Debate as a MSHSL State Tournament Event.  During this meeting we will discuss the proposed qualifying (Section) and state tournament formats.  Gather feedback and revise based on community feedback.

We will record the meeting and post it as well for those who cannot attend.

Proposal Deck: https://1drv.ms/p/s!Ap-DVaUGsnvXz-4mBmIMyDyK1_eKJQ


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