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MDTA Challenge Cup Winners

Congratulations to the MDTA Challenge Cup winners announced today at the MSHSL State Debate Tournament:

Classic Debate                                                                                                                Team award to Eastview,                                                                                  Individual Award is tie between teammates Jack Kurila and Erik Lecy, both of Eastview

Policy Debate

Team Award to Wayzata,
Individual Award to Dan Bannister of Highland Park
Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Team Award to Eagan
Individual Award to Dylan Adelman of Lakeville South
Public Forum Debate
Team Award to St. Paul Academy
Individual Award to Thomas Toghramadjian of St. Paul Academy

MDTA Cup Update – Classic Debate

New this year, Classic Debate will also be included in the MDTA Cup Award system – here’s how the points look for Classic Debate after 3 tournaments:

In team points Eastview has a commanding lead with 14 points over Benilde St. Margarets and South St. Paul who are tied with 9 points. Stillwater is just behind them with 8.

In the individual points race it’s all about Eastview – teammates Erik Lecy and Charlotte Roiger lead the pack wtih 7 points each, then Michelle Ji, Elijah Kranz, and Jack Kurila are all tied with 6.

All results are tentative pending a final audit.  If you suspect an error or have additional information, please alert