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MDTA Spring Meeting

MDTA Spring Meeting

MDTA Spring Meeting
Wednesday May 2, 2018
Roseville High School
Media Center
6:00 – 9:00 PM
Annual Reports/Discussion Items

  1. Financial Report/Treasurer’s Report – Prax and Sylvester
  2. Membership Activity/Elections – McDonald
  3. Awards Report – Brynteson/McDonald
  4. Grant Activity – McDonald
  5. Tournament Calendar – McDonald/Brynteson
  6. Section/State Tournament Rules and Procedures – McDonald/Brynteson

Discussion/Action Items:

  1. Policy Proposals
  2. Background Checks for all coaches
  3. Background Checks for all judges (Policy Debate)
  4. Creation of Tournament Ombudsperson Committee
  5. Creation of anonymous sexual harassment and student safety reporting system
  6. Creation of Diversity Committee
  7. Tournament Procedures Proposals
  8. Proposal that all State Judges be required to be active judges on local circuit
  9. Release results of debate judge balloting including identification of school specific votes
  10. Creation of a Judge Voter Guide for State Judge Balloting
  11. Removal of any judges who haven’t judged debate in past 5 years from ballot
  12. Accountability benchmarks for balloting by schools (gender, race, etc)
  13. Novice Policy Debate Meeting and Survey Results
  14. Update Section/State Rules on electronic retrieval of evidence during rounds to reflect common practice of evidence sharing between teams
  15. Update Section/State Rules to allow the Tournament Jury to quickly change mistakes/typos in the rules manual in order to avoid problem
  16. Lower years out of high school to judge state debate from 4 to 2 years
  17. Recommendations
  18. Tabulation Staff – Actively seek apprentices to learn tabulation
  19. Create a How to Tab Manual
  20. Tournaments should allocate and enforce mandatory 30 minute meal time
  21. Provide contact information for coach who is with team at tournament to the tournament directors
  22. All metro policy tournaments should end by 9 PM
  23. Coach knowledge of school safety procedures
  24. Standardization of tournament experience
  25. Limit RFD’s to 10 minutes
  26. Adopt 10 minute flex prep time rule (Policy Debate)

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