2016-17 MDTA Cup / All State

The Minnesota Debate Teachers Association (MDTA) is pleased to announce the 2016-17 MDTA Challenge Cup and All-State Debate winners.  The MDTA Challenge Cup is an annual award that recognizes exceptional performance by a team in all five debate categories.
Our MDTA Challenge Cup Winners are:

  • Congressional Debate – Maple Grove High School
  • Classic Debate – Eastview High School
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Robbinsdale Cooper High School
  • Policy Debate – Eagan High School
  • Public-Forum Debate – St. Paul Academy & Summit School

The All-State Debate awards are awarded to the top eight individuals in each debate format.  With thousands of students participating in debate statewide, the All-State Debate awards represents a highly select group of individuals across the state.  This year, our 40 All-State Debate students represent 20 different schools.
Our 40 All-State Debate students are:

  • Abbas Omar, Blaine (Congress)
  • Adnan Askari, St. Paul Academy (Public Forum)
  • Akarshna Iyer, Eastview (Classic)
  • Alexandra Gekht, Eastview (Classic)
  • Anand Mittal, Edina (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Benjamin Konstan,  St. Paul Academy (Public Forum)
  • Benjamin Pankow, Eagan (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Benjamin Summers, Champlin Park (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Daniel Johnson, East Ridge (Congress)
  • Dante Fornizy, Eastview (Public Forum)
  • David Necas, Robbinsdale Cooper (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Dylan Clausen, Elk River (Congress)
  • Fallon Anderson, South St. Paul (Classic)
  • Gloria Mi, Edina (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Joshua Groven, Eagan (Congress)
  • Karina Verdin, South St. Paul (Classic)
  • Kayla Arradondo, Eastview (Classic)
  • Kevin Jacobson, Maple Grove (Congress)
  • Krueger, Eagan (Policy)
  • Lutz, Eagan (Policy)
  • Matthew Swedin, South St. Paul (Classic)
  • Michael White, Robbinsdale Cooper (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Nautica Flowers, Eagan (Congress)
  • Noah Gallagher, Lakeville North (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Osman Mansur, Eastview (Public Forum)
  • Peter Schavee, St Paul (Congress)
  • Queen Nwaudo, Eastview (Classic)
  • Quick, Eagan (Policy)
  • Raffi Toghramadjian, St. Paul Academy (Public Forum)
  • Ross Abram, Eastview (Public Forum)
  • Sabel, Eagan (Policy)
  • Sara DeSobrino, Forest Lake Sr (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Sarah Wheaton, St. Paul Academy (Public Forum)
  • Sauvageau, Rosemount (Policy)
  • Sean Mather, Eastview (Classic)
  • Shefali Bijwadia, St. Paul Academy (Public Forum)
  • Shih, Eagan (Policy)
  • Stanton, Eagan (Policy)
  • Stefanko, Rosemount (Policy)
  • Victoria Halvorson, Maple Grove (Congress)

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