MDTA Cup – Week 9 Update


We are the end of the season.  With only SPA, Blake and Swamp Rats Part II remaining on the calendar – some of the races are very tight.  These results are unofficial still as we need to triple check names/such.  Full results can be found below.

Name School Points Debate
Perry Abdulkadir Eastview 12 Classic
Jack Kurila Eastview 12 Classic
Alexa Groenke Bloomington 10 Policy
Jacob Boucher Minn South 9 Policy
Trace Thompson Minneapolis_South 9 Policy
Kate Hvizdos Bloomington 9 Policy
Elliot Polsky STA 15 LD
Sam Anderson Lakeville_North 14 LD
Jed Rothstein STMA 14 PF
Rachel Rystedt Blaine 13 PF
Hagop Toghramadjian SPA 13 PF

Full Results -

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